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Problem Identification

Traditionally built and contracted balconies have often created challenges in buildability. Requiring intensive design coordination, management and generally leading to a slow pace of development.

The need for a pre-fabricated off site system that can centralize up to 6 specialist trades in one final offsite completed end product, removing their requirement from site, is heavily favored from both a commercial and project management perspective.

The Solution

Forte Pespa bring to market a single inhouse designed, fabricated and fully completed unit that significantly reduces site complexities. Our system is designed with quality and rapid deployment at the forefront of the offering.

Pre-Fabricated Balcony System

Vertical Rail Balustrade

Glass + Dopio T posts

Structural Glass

Reduced contracting, tendering and monthly valuations procedures

No requirement to source and tender for all the below trades:

  • a. Structural Steel Contractor
  • b. Balustrade / Glazing Contractor
  • c. Aluminum Cladding and Soffit Contractor
  • d. Waterproofing Contractor
  • e. Decking Contractor

Commercially the time required to source the above trades, tender the appropriate and relevant elements for each trade is a timely and costly process. Our pre-designed system centralizes all of these works into one easy to manage and commercially viable solution.

Centralized point of call for all balcony elements

Complexity in programming and sequencing of works is drastically reduced. Our system offers all trades in one element that arrives onsite as a bolt on solution. Not requiring critical task dependencies on individual trades

Reduced Design and Coordination time

Single master file drawings encompass all design requirements pertaining to the balcony. No requirement to coordinate and ensure cohesion with other trades. This with significantly reduce the potential for mistakes that can stem from coordination.

Simultaneous material procurement for all package elements

We pride ourselves in working in BIM format, using Revit modeling and detailing for all drawings. Once drawings are approved by the design team, schedules are produced based on those drawings covering every element required that makes of each balcony unit for production.

Reduced Site Management requirement of multiple trades

Centralizing this solution means that one single contractor is responsible for all design, fabrication and deployment activities pertaining to the balcony. These works are moved to a controlled offsite environment.

Reduced Requirement for Scaffold

Minimum Scaffold requirement to install arms. No requirement to hold scaffold for following works. Significant cost saving in reduced rental of scaffold.

Exceptional Deployment Speed

Deployment speeds are typically dependent on crane availability. With full unhindered access to lift services, up to 20 fully completed balconies can be installed in a single day.

All works are completed to the highest industry standards, encompassing rigorous structural review and calculation modeling for all site scenarios.

Customized balconies with steel structure, based on 3 main types

By fully assembling the balcony off-site, we significantly improve efficiencies in time
optimisation and quality of the end product is rigorous monitored and controlled.

Vertical Rail Balustrade

Glass + Dopio T posts

Structural Glass

System Design Characteristics

  • Balcony Imposed Load = 2.5 kN/m2 – IS EN 1991-1-1:2002 Table NA.2
  • Balustrade Imposed Load = 0.75 kN/m – IS EN 1991-1-1:2002 Table NA.8
  • Self-weight of Steel Structure = Calculated within STAAD.Pro Model
  • Snow Load = 0.6 kN/m²
  • Service Load = 0.25 kN/m²

All materials and production processes are CE certified and Qualicoat approved powder applications for aluminium cladding solutions.

Quality Certifications

Standard Sizes

Pre-Fabricated Balcony System Sequence

Customized balconies with steel structure, based on 3 main types.

Stage 1.

When scaffold is erected, our team installs the proprietary system arms that are connected to the cast in system. Alignments are checked and verified and area is ready to receive the balcony unit when scaffold has been removed.

Stage 2.

Fully completed, the balcony arrives to to site for lifting into position. The main frame is sleeved into the receiving arms and connected mechanically. Installation time per unit typically takes 30 min.

Stage 3.

Fitted balcony is commissioned, certified and ready for use.

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