Balcony Manufacture

Our primary raw material is aluminium, and our company specializes in the production of pre-fabricated balconies. Our manufacturing process is carefully organized into five phases, and our commitment to excellence is evident as we work intensively across all these stages to uphold stringent quality control standards. Each member of our dedicated team utilizes tablets to input real-time information regarding the ongoing production processes. This invaluable data is seamlessly monitored by our Management Team through the Prodsmart software, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and precision in every aspect of our operations.

Phase 01

In this phase, we examine the balcony type drawings assigned on a tablet, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of all the details. Our focus extends beyond reviewing the drawings; we also take proactive measures to gather all the necessary materials essential for initiating a seamless production process. This preparation guarantees an organized and efficient workflow, laying the foundation for the successful execution of the balcony construction project.

Phase 02

During this stage, the primary structure, serving as the fundamental base for the balcony, is assembled. Following the construction of the frame, a thorough examination of each screw is conducted to ensure precise and secure fastening. Subsequently, a final assessment of the frame’s squareness is carried out, reaffirming our commitment to the highest standards of construction accuracy and stability.

Phase 03

Commencing the decking installation process, we collect the pre-cut decking boards and covers, ensuring precise alignment and thorough preparation before seamlessly incorporating the decking itself. This approach guarantees a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing foundation for the subsequent phases of the construction project.

Phase 04

When it comes to the balustrade, whether it’s a glass or rail balustrade, attention is given to achieving perfectly square corners, ensuring a seamless and edge-free finish. Subsequently, a quality check overseen by our Production Manager is conducted. Following this, a forklift is employed to carefully transport the assembled components in order to proceed with the cladding phase.

Phase 05

In this phase, we focus on enclosing the bottom part of the balcony, ensuring a 1-degree slope for effective water drainage. Following the installation of the lengths, we affix the lateral finishes. A last quality check, supervised by management, is essential before moving the balcony in our courtyard, before sending to the site.

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