Phase 01

During this phase, our sequence begins with scaffold assembling, followed by the precise installation of system arms and a thorough alignment check. Subsequently, we execute scaffold removal with precision, culminating in the assurance that the designated area is meticulously prepared to receive the balcony unit. This systematic approach ensures the seamless progression of the construction process, emphasizing both efficiency and quality at every step.

Phase 02

Having the balconies on-site, we initiated the lifting process using a crane, sleeving the main frame into the arms to establish a robust and secure mechanical connection. This seamless integration is fundamental to ensuring the structural integrity and stability of the overall assembly.

Phase 03

Upon the successful completion of balcony fitting, the commissioning process takes place, certifying the balcony as ready for use. This crucial phase is complemented by a meticulous visual quality check, confirming not only the structural soundness but also the aesthetic precision of the installation. Our commitment to excellence is underscored as we ensure that every detail meets the highest standards before the balcony is ready for use.

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