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Iris A4 Balustrade

Iris A4 is an individual block system designed to offer multiple flashing options excellent glass alignment capabilities. The system can be used as Top Mount and Side Mount with the optional side fixing Bracket. Check out the multiple flashing options in the datasheet icon below

Product Description

Set of 4 Individual 150mm Blocks

Includes Front 4500mm Flashing

Includes Inside 4500mm Flashing

  • FINISH Anodized and Matt as standard – A range of RAL colours also available
  • MAIN MATERIAL: Aluminium
  • INSTALLATION ORIENTATION: Multiple fixing options
  • INFILL: Heavy aluminium track system for loadings of xxN/m – our systems are designed and manufactured for easy deployment flawless finish
  • THICKNESS: Glass ,12mm-21.5 mm
  • FEATURES: Light weight aluminium track. Options of caps and accessories to choose.

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