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Architectural Design

Detailing and solutions drafting is an integral function of tendering and gaining customer confidence. Forte Pespa operate a one stop shop solution for our customers which includes offering a full suite design services such as AutoCAD 2D and 3D for our clients.

Working together with Architects, Engineering Consultants and Construction Companies, we can assist with the design from the outset of a project to fabricate your balustrades and handrail requirements.

Working closely with each Client our architectural design team will ensure that each solution is tailored to meet the exact requirements of each individual project ensuring that each design complies fully with building regulations.

Contact us to discuss your project, our team is available to engage in the requirements you may have.


For new Balustrade and Railings projects we can provide our specialist consultation and planning team to assist with all aspects of the project and put forward recommendations based on our extensive experience.


We operate a one stop shop solution for our customers which includes our full suite of design services such as AutoCAD 2D and 3D. We can work with Architects, Engineering Consultants and Construction Companies over all aspects of the design process.


We offer a full suite of fabrication and manufacturing services for our balustrade and Railings ranges, we can provide custom solutions where requried and ourt work if guaranteed to the highest quality, fully compliant and supported.


We provide installation and commissioning services for each project. The Project Manager will ensure that works are carried out in compliance with planning, health and safety and environmental standards and always to the highest quality.

We Design, Manufacture, Install & Commission our Balustrade Systems

Architectural Design

Design Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of architectural design services.

Architectural Design

Comprehensive suite of architectural design services including AutoCAD 2D and 3D. Our design team ensures full compliance with building regulations.

Engineering Design

Extensive experience in structural and non-structural calculations/design. Our team ensures that all solutions are compliant and supported.

Project Management

Project management services from tender stage through construction and handover. Including preparation of project and risk management planning.

Digital Templating

Utilising the latest in digital technology our digital templating services drastically reduce over heads typically associate with the onsite measurements