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About Forte Pespa

Forte Pespa was born from a desire to combine extensive technical knowledge, high quality service with a premium quality product at a competitive cost.

We specialise in the fabrication and installation of balustrades. Our management and manufacturing workforce have many years’ experience in project design, fabrication, health and safety and site installation.

We work with you to fulfill your development ideals and add a touch of architectural individualism. No architectural metalwork project is too small or too large, with the management team involved from your initial inquiry through to completion. Working together with Architects, Engineering Consultants and Construction Companies, we can assist with the design from the outset of a project to fabricate balustrades, handrails, staircases and many other architectural metalwork requirements to suit each client’s budgets.

We are committed to providing a high quality service from start to finish, making Forte Pespa a regular preferred supplier with many main contractors in the construction industry.

Some of our projects undertaken can be seen in our website. Although based in Dublin we also carry out many contracts throughout Northern Ireland and the UK.

We are committed to lending our expertise to the architectural community as a resource. We offer information not only about identifying styles, but also how they fit into your design, information on proper installation, and challenges you may encounter with compliance standards.

At Forte Pespa we understand our role is more than just a fabricator of a designer’s concepts. To us, it is about becoming a meaningful partner from the conceptual beginning to the successful end result.