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At Forte Pespa we specialise in the fabrication and installation of Pre-fabricated Balcony Systems and Balustrade Systems combining extensive technical knowledge, high quality service with a premium quality products at a competitive cost.

About Forte Pespa

With aluminium at the fore front of our product offering, we pride ourselves on offering a full suite of solutions when it comes to architectural balustrades. Working with reputable manufacturers and well established local suppliers, we are able to provide an all inclusive package for your project.‚Äč

In recent years Forte Pespa has experienced rapid growth with our products being easily distinguished in the marketplace. Combining quality and longevity with outstanding deployment. Our company operates in two key areas, Projects and Distribution. Working with developers on large scale projects which includes: capabilities in Architectural Design, Engineering and Fabrication, Project Management and Deployment

Our distribution department works with glass and metal fabrication companies in the supply of materials and products. Supporting our distribution network with a full suite of services

Pre-Fabricated Balcony System

Forte Pespa bring to market a single in-house designed, fabricated and fully completed unit that significantly reduces site complexities. Our system is designed with quality and rapid deployment at the forefront of the offering.

Vertical Rail Balustrade

Glass + Dopio T posts

Structural Glass

Customized Balconies With Steel Structure, Based On 3 Main Types

By fully assembling the balcony off-site, we significantly improve efficiencies in
time optimisation and quality of the end product is rigorous monitored and controlled.